Cleaning and Storage Tips for Diamond Earrings, Pendants and Jewelry

If you have a variety of valuable jewelry such as diamond pendants, earrings, diamond rings or other jewelry products. You can keep all these items for life if you take care of them properly. Proper cleaning and storage will help your various diamond jewelry stay beautiful for a very long time.

Why Cleaning Jewelry Is Necessary

Diamond jewelry piles up a lot of dirt and oil buildup after a while of use. This buildup comes from lotions, dust, soap and even your sweat. If you have never cleaned your diamond jewelry at all. The buildup will only get worse and will eventually turn into crust and dirt. That clings to the back of your jewelry or diamonds. Stacking is usually invisible for a while, but before you know it. Your diamonds look dull and dirty and no longer sparkle. You can clean jewelry at home or ask the jeweler to clean it for you.

Cleaning and Storage Tips for Diamond Earrings, Pendants and Jewelry

How to Clean Your Diamond Jewelry

To clean jewelry or diamonds is to use warm water and liquid detergents such as Ivory detergents or the like. Ammonia solution or water solution can be used for diamonds filled with fractures. If another gemstone is included with your diamond or jewelry. Becareful not to damage it while cleaning is in progress. There are also diamond or jewelry cleaning solutions available on the market. But you can also use household remedies above to save time and money to clean your jewelry.

Soak jewelry or diamonds in a solution for a while and then use a soft brush to remove dirt that adheres to the jewelry. Never use a brush that has hard or very stiff bristles because this can scratch the metal area of ​​your jewelry. Which will certainly not be very good for your jewelry. After cleaning with a brush, swish the jewelry around several times in the solution. After that, rinse the jewelry with warm water. don’t forget to close your drain before rinsing diamond jewelry over the sink. Small pieces of jewelry can fall down the drain if you drop them into a sinkhole.

If the jewelry still has dirt stuck after cleaning, use a toothpick gently to get to places that are difficult to reach between the jewelry. Then, dry the jewelry as dry as possible using a lint-free cloth to prevent the jewelry from being scratched.

You can use this cleaning method for various jewelry. Such as diamond bracelets, diamond engagement rings, diamond pendants, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings, and other diamond jewelry. But if you are not sure, ask the jeweler to show you how to clean the jewelry that you have safely.

The Right Way to Store Diamond Jewelry

Diamond rings, pendants, diamond earrings, and other jewelry must be stored so that the jewelry does not rub and scratch. Use soft jewelry fabrics to separate the various jewelry that you will store. Then store your jewelry in a dry room or area in your home, safe from moisture or air condensation that will occur. Also, store your valuables in a place that is quite safe and hidden. Even with insurance coverage on the jewelry you have, The loss of a sentimental diamond ring or other diamond jewelry can be a pretty experience to break the owner’s heart.

For all jewelry that is very close to your heart such as a diamond engagement ring. Never leave it lying in a closet, table, or anywhere where it can be easily dropped. Place them in a safe jewelry box so that when you will use them again you will always know where they are.

Clean and store your rings, pendants, diamond earrings and other jewelry safely, and they will never lose their beautiful, sparkling appeal.