Titanium vs. Gold, Silver, and Platinum, Which is better?

Whether you buy it as a gift or for your use, there are many reasons why jewelry made from titanium can be a better choice than other jewelry made from other traditional metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.

Titanium More Resistant Than Gold, Silver and Platinum

First, titanium is a metal that is very corrosion resistant and therefore does not rust easily. Especially for high polished jewelry such as gold and silver wedding rings, the jewelry will lose its color and shine with time. Even if stored properly in a jewelry box or safe, oxygen in the air will react with metals and change their color. This process is, of course, accelerated if jewelry is worn every day because sweat combined with body temperature or from external temperatures, acts as a catalyst for chemical processes.

Titanium vs. Gold, Silver, and Platinum, Which is better

Titanium Is Hypoallergenic

Also, titanium is hypoallergenic, which means very few people have skin that is sensitive to this metal. People who are allergic to gold, silver or more commonly nickel, which is found in most gold and silver jewelry. Do not need to worry about allergies that occur when wearing jewelry made of titanium and its alloys.

Titanium More Durability Than Gold, Silver and Platinum

One of the well-known advantages of titanium is its durability. These attributes make it the perfect jewelry for active individuals. Who often carry out outdoor activities, even water sports, and other extremes. It is not uncommon for people to find their gold or silver jewelry damaged after a day of outdoor activities. This disappointment can easily be avoided if jewelry made from titanium is used instead. Also, titanium has a high strength to weight ratio. In other words, even though it is far stronger than gold and silver jewelry, even steel. It is much lighter than other jewelry materials and is, therefore, more comfortable to wear.

Titanium Can Be Given a Cool Color

Finally, wearing jewelry made of titanium looks more fashionable and trendy. This metal is relatively new in the fashion industry especially jewelry with many new ideas being applied. Titanium is very flexible so it can not only be combined with gemstones, gold, and silver, carved and finished like other traditional jewelry. Titanium can also be anodized to make interesting and cool colored titanium jewelry.

Many common titanium jewelry such as wedding rings, men’s titanium rings, and men’s titanium bracelets. There is every reason to explore broad possibilities and express your personality in very different ways.